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DRL participates in Agricultural Fair in Ribeirao Preto, Brazil 2023

DRL srl and CSMT Pte ltd thank the organizers (Abimaq and Orbiz) for the invitation to this agricultural fair in […]

NIR Analyzer: To better negotiate your agricultural production

If the yield is an important criterion in the agricultural sector, that of the quality is often very vague and […]

New IRTEC Hose Reel 90/300 is Now in Stock

Brand new IRTEC Hose Reel 90/300 DRL is happy to announce that the latest IRTEC Hose Reel 90/300 is now […]

DRL Offers Yield and Humidity Monitor Kit

Dear customers,   DRL is now offering a Yield and Humidity Monitor Kit adaptable to all types of threshers. For […]