Explore DRL Technology at the Agriculture Exhibition in Malaysia from 21 to 23 September 2023

Harvesting is a key moment for the farmer who reaps the fruits of his work. He can thus assess the impact of his choices in terms of fertilizers, varieties, and cultural practices, as well as climatic hazards. Harvesting is also a strategic challenge for governments that can monitor and analyze agricultural production data thanks to digital technologies.

That’s why DRL Srl allows you to equip your combine harvester with efficient and compatible yield and moisture sensors for all types of threshers with an elevator grain chain. These sensors give you real-time access to each plot’s yield and moisture, allowing you to create your yield map and help you optimize your agricultural management according to the results.

Don’t hesitate to come and discover the sensors of DRL Srl at booth BA24 during the AGMY Agricultural fair. We will be delighted to welcome you. www.drl-agri.com

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