Irrigate Your Crops in Real Time

Stop relying on rain. Rely on our irrigation systems: water where and when your crop needs it.

From the smallest that can be used for gardening, to the most important machines intended for irrigation use in cultivated fields. DRL’s Irrigation Systems powered by IRTEC are distinguished by design, manufacturing quality and durability over time.

Trust us to provide you with the irrigation solutions regardless of the size of your field, access to a water point or the type of crop. With our partner IRTEC, we will offer personalized solutions based on your needs.

IRTEC: A leader in the irrigation market

For our irrigation solutions, we have chosen IRTEC. We believe in their professionalism, their dynamism and we value the variety of their irrigation solutions.

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Need Maintenance?

We will take care of the maintenance of your IRTEC equipment.

Want to know the irrigation time & volume of water consumed?

Download our MS Excel calculation sheet and make perfect calculations based on your requirements and needs.

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A revolution in managing farm irrigation

Make Your Irrigation Management Precise with Our Partner CSMT Agri - Singapore

Avoid diseases and improve the quality and productivity of your crop: with the mapping and monitoring solutions offered by our partner CSMT Agri, you can find out what your crop needs, when it needs it, and provide uniform and accurate water delivery to the crop throughout its life-cycle.

Key Benefits of Precision Irrigation Management

Remote Irrigation Control

Now monitor and control your pivots in one place from anywhere on smartphone or computer.

Variable Rate Irrigation

Perform highly targeted application or water, fertigation, or effluent by varying the rate.

Uniform Irrigation

Consistent application on areas regardless of its position, and minimized risk of gaps and overlaps.

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