Get to know what your crop needs and where it needs it

Helping you monitor your land and crop

Our partner CSMT has developed a technology that collects data and gathers them into an overview map, where you can easily see the state of your crop and spot the potential growing issues.

Our technology allows you to quickly react to those issues, and apply the treatment your crops needs as soon as it needs it, and exactly – and only – where it needs it.

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Automate Agricultural Workflow with Smart Navigation Technologies

Helping you monitor your land and crop

DRL’s Navigation System powered by Hexagon’s Agriculture division provides technologies that convert data into intelligent information that enables smart planning, efficient execution, precise machine controls and automated workflows that optimize operations and increase profits.

Navigation Systems

DRL’s Navigation Systems guide and maintain machine positioning through arrows and virtual direction lines for the operator to reference – aiming to maintain planned alignment and obtain greater speed, practicality and quality.

  • Optimizes work area
  • Better machine alignment
  • Automates operations
  • Operation agility

Spray Control System

Our Targeted Spraying Control System automatically controls each spray section and minimizes input overlap – avoiding application excess and failures. It also has a sprayer rate controller for the applied flow and guarantees optimal input dosage; even if the speeds of the machine operations vary.

  • Minimizes overlapping in the input application
  • Optimizes input applications
  • Reduces the number of damaged seedlings
  • Increases productivity

Need a solution to target your product applications?

Combine the technology of our partner CSMT Singapore with modern navigation systems: encode the data collected by NDVI into your GPS to ensure the accuracy of your product applications: automatic, they are targeted, and regulated according to the varying needs of your crop.
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