Who knows the risks concealed in your soil, water and crop!

Our state of the art Weather Data Logger does.

When we know that the agriculture is one of the most weather-depended industry sectors. Therefore, why not having accurate, precise, and reliable weather data which is crucial for successful crop management and production.

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Helping you cut unnecessary costs in crop productivity and quality

Applying products, irrrigating, and protecting against frost, insects, and diseases… at the right time means avoiding significant costs in crop productivity and quality.

That’s why weather forecast has always been the main factor in crop management. Farmers however face an issue: no forecast takes into account all the elements that intervene in the growth of the crop.

Don’t leave any room for luck:  our weather stations will provide you with complete information:

  • Rainfall
  • Air and soil Temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • Soil moisture
  • Wind velocity and direction
  • Solar radiation

Need a solution according to your needs?

Our weather stations can be programmed according to your needs, to warn you, directly on your cellphone, about the right time for a field operation, to tell you about a disease risk, etc.
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