Malaysia International Agriculture Technology Exhibition 2023

Are you looking for technological solutions for agriculture?

Discover DRL Srl and CSMT Pte, the market leaders who offer you innovative equipment, software, and services to optimize your agricultural production. Whether for crop management, irrigation, harvesting, sorting, weighing, or analysis of agricultural products, you will find the solutions that suit your needs.

DRL Srl and CSMT Pte have more than 35 years of agricultural experience and have participated in numerous projects worldwide, especially in Asia. They know the specificities and challenges of the Asian market and can offer you personalized and practical solutions. They also have expertise in meteorology, remote sensing, mapping, and agronomic advice.

DRL Srl is also a specialist in agricultural machinery. It accompanies you in choosing, purchasing, repairing, and maintaining the most efficient and durable machines on the market. It guarantees you quality after-sales service and total satisfaction.

DRL Srl and CSMT Pte are also experts in consultancy for agricultural projects. They help you design, implement and monitor your projects, considering the technical, economic, environmental, and social aspects. They thus contribute to improving the performance and sustainability of your agricultural systems.

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet DRL Srl and CSMT Pte at the AGMY 2023 fair. You will find them on stand BA24, where you can discover their products in the demonstration, exchange with their experts, and benefit from their personalized advice. You can also take advantage of special offers and exclusive promotions.

DRL Srl and CSMT Pte look forward to welcoming you at the AGMY 2023 fair and sharing their passion for agriculture. Come and discover the latest innovations in the sector!

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