Land yield

New satellite technology: GPS for tractors/combine harvesters

Just as a car GPS enables you to make savings by avoiding getting lost, GPS for tractors/combine harvesters can help you to save your time and money while improving the yield of your land.

Satellite navigation systems get a grid pattern for the land, enabling land preparation, sowing, maintenance and harvesting to be optimised. The GPS’s internal memory analyses previous harvests in each area of the land and suggests the optimum solutions for ground preparation before sowing as well as for maintenance during germination and growth. For example, it calculates the quantity of fertiliser needed for each grid pattern area.

Sprayers and fertiliser :

An essential tool for the preparation and maintenance of your soil and for future harvests, a sprayer can also be paired with a tractor GPS system. Spreading is therefore automated. The GPS controls the dilution over each area of the field, thus enabling savings in product whilst increasing the quality of the future harvest.

Different types of organic or chemical fertiliser are also available for sale as well as various products which promote the decomposition of organic matter deposited on the soil.


Because there can be no growing without water, irrigation is an important point which must not be neglected when you wish to increase land yield. Irrigation equipment paired with good drainage enables the supply of water to be made more uniform, thus avoiding overdosing which inevitably causes a deterioration in the quality of the soil: the right amount of water at the right time.

Good irrigation also means savings in water and energy.