How can you send us the material ?

How can you send us the material ?

By road :

  • We work with specialists in agricultural equipment transport who are equipped depending on the type of equipment to be delivered. This means that we can be assured that the equipment will travel under the best possible conditions.

Under the best possible conditions. Loading in a container :

  •  Our team is specialised in the dismantling and preparation of agricultural equipment for loading in a container. We choose the size of the container depending on the equipment to be shipped. The dismantled agricultural equipment is organised in such a way that it takes up the least space possible and we carry out the loading in the container ourselves. So, a New Holland 8080 combine harvester can be loaded entirely with its equipment (cutting bar and cabin) in a 40-foot High Cube container.

Roll-on/roll-off shipping :

  •  If the equipment cannot be dismantled and if it is motorised (it can therefore go on board without lifting assistance), a specialised carrier will be charged with depositing the equipment at the port, according to the shipping line’s instructions. We then prepare the equipment so that these dimensions are as small as possible and thus reduce the shipping costs as much as possible for roll-on/roll-off. For non-motorised equipment, we will ask for lifting assistance at the port in order to load it on board the ship.

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