DRL: more than agricultural equipment :

It is our priority to supply you with the agricultural equipment that suits you. For more than 30 years, we have travelled throughout the world in order to find out the needs of each country and region visited. We have met both farmers and the decision-making bodies from the country in order to get a good understanding of the arable land requirements for each region as well as the local climatic conditions. We can consequently advise you on the purchase of your agricultural equipment and fit it to your needs and those of your land.

We can also guarantee you technical support in order to help you best face any breakdowns that you may encounter. A support service is available during office hours. An experienced technician can also be sent on site throughout the world.

Export of agricultural equipment :

Our workshop prepares and/or dismantles the agricultural equipment with a view to it being shipped. The equipment is prepared with the greatest of care and we ensure that nothing is missing when it arrives with our customer.

We work in partnership with various specialists in the transport of agricultural equipment, both by road and by sea: in a container or by Roll-on Roll-off. We examine with you the most practical and least costly transport solution and we can potentially take care of organising shipment with the carrier of your choice.